3 prayer requests

Lorelei will be in Houston this week at MD Anderson. We will hitch a ride on a Corporate Angel Network flight tomorrow and should return some time on Saturday.

Three prayer requests:

  1. Port placement surgery. The request is specifically this: that the surgeons will be able to place a port in Lorelei's chest. This will be the fourth time Lorelei has had surgery to place some sort of central venous access. The concern this time is that her last scans show some narrowing in her veins and considerable density of disease (cancer) in the area where a port would traditionally be placed. We'll consult with surgeons in Houston on Wednesday and likely do an ultrasound to find a vein with adequate blood flow for an implantable port. Lorelei would have given anything never to have to have another port or catheter. But her transplant doctor wants her to have two central access points for her upcoming transplant. One will need to be the traditional catheter (with it's hanging lumens) inserted into her jugular vein which will remain until after the transplant. But since an allogenic bone marrow transplant is more complex than the autologous transplant she had last October the doctor wants her to have a second point of access. That's why she needs the port. And the port can be used for treatment now. The catheter can be placed later (closer to transplant time) so she won't have to be bothered by a bunch of tubes hanging out of her chest any longer than she absolutely has to have them. Please pray for wisdom by the doctors as to the optimal place to put the port and that the placement will not interfere in any way with future radiation treatment. (Her first port was placed in a spot which interfered with radiation mapping and had to be removed.)
  2. Hope. Please pray also for our Hope. Lorelei was discouraged (temporarily) by the news of the concern about this port placement. It's an awful feeling to feel like your own body is betraying you. And even worse to know that God has the ability to heal you but not have the confidence that He will. We pray constantly that Lorelei's body will be healed of this awful cancer (soon) and honestly struggle with the fact that she hasn't been healed yet. We know Jesus has provided us ultimate victory over death and disease but we just don't know what that will look like in this life. As a mom, I struggle without the ability to fight and that is difficult for me. I'd have given anything to be the one in the fight and to have spared Lorelei of this pain. No matter what/when, we know God will be glorified. We just need a recharge of hope.
  3. Lodging. Houston is hosting the World's Championship Bar-B-Que contest during the time we will be there. This has thrown a kink in our ability to book a hotel. All the hotels have jacked up their rates and this has forced many MD Anderson patients who would normally stay in a less expensive hotel further away from the hospital to stay in hotels reserved for hospital patients. That means there were no openings for us anywhere near the hospital. So, we'll be staying further away and paying more. (Nothing like perfect timing, huh?) I'll be calling the Ronald McDonald House and Rotary House every morning to see if a room opens up at the last minute. Please pray that one does. It's a blessing to have access to such wonderful treatment as MD Anderson but the logistics of lodging are a nightmare and a real strain on the pocketbook.

As always, the Oklahoma City Thunder has come to the rescue with something fun to look forward to. Lorelei will be in Houston for the Thunder vs. Rockets game on Wednesday, Feb. 20 and coach Brooks arranged for Lorelei to have tickets. It will be a wonderful distraction after a day of appointments.

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1. Mehdi wrote:
Shannon, oh a blast from the past, it's me, Katie Wilder (although it's Weigle now). I still have the Geiger connection at Faith EFC and my steisr, Kimberly, sent me your blog. I cried as I read through April. My heart aches for you, your husband, and the children. As hard as it may be, remember that God is in the midst of everything. He created your two beautiful children for an incredible purpose and He will reveal that to you.Much love to you and I will be praying for you guys especially for your time at Duke.Katie

Mon, May 5, 2014 @ 8:01 AM

2. alkaon.net wrote:
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Thu, May 29, 2014 @ 5:22 AM

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