An episode of House

FYI, all you need to do at a teaching hospital to get their "Dr. House" to appear is run a fever during the first two days of your transplant. Well, that and get a sore throat and the worst headache you've ever had in your life. That brings out the doctors! There have been no less than fifteen doctors in Lorelei's room today trying to figure out the problem. The most recent inquisition involved three of them, one with a heavy German or Russian accent asking questions like "So I hear you recently went to Alaska. What was the weather like there? Did you camp in the woods. Were there ticks or mosquitos? Did you wear bug repellent? What kind of trees were there? Was it windy?"  For a minute there we wondered if he was going to ask for a passenger manifest from Alaska Airlines. Or maybe ask for our address so they can peruse our home. But after all of that we still don't know much. They've ruled out bacteria but have to wait for viral cultures. The biggest concern is mono; they don't want to proceed if she has that, but we doubt she does. It's likely just a common virus that will resolve in a few more days. I don't know how they could possibly stop the transplant process anyway; she's four days into it already. She's had one round of Gemcitabine and two of Fluderabine. The last is Melphalan to be given the next two days.

Lorelei's central line has continued to be a problem. (We asked for prayer and indeed it seemed to get better for a while.) We were able to proceed with chemo because we figured out that it would flow if she was lying down in her bed. The problem is that if she sits up or stands up it becomes occluded. They've taken a few X-rays and consulted with the surgical team about revising it but the surgeon said it was too difficult to get in there in the first place and he didn't want to chance messing it up trying to "fix" it. We can go forward with the transplant but she'll just have to be bed ridden for the next month in order for the IV to work. Lorelei doesn't like this but it is what it is. We'll see if we can negotiate being removed from the forever beeping IV pole several times a day so she can walk or take a shower without a nurse there to reset it constantly.

And do those of you who helped me obtain k-cups for the hospital Keurig machine I say thank you! At least I don't have to help Lorelei go through this without caffeine!

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