Encouraging news but still need biopsy

Today's meeting with Dr. Geister to discuss Lorelei's January 8 PET scan was very encouraging. The PET scan showed that the concerning newly swollen lymph node under Lorelei's collar bone is actually smaller now than it was in December! This means it's not cancer--just swelling. The not so good news is that there is still some bright glowing of the main mass in her chest. Dr. Geister spoke with Lorelei's transplant doctor at OU and Dr. Nunez at MD Anderson and they all believe there is a chance the glowing is merely reflective of thymic rebound. (Thymic rebound is not uncommon in patients under 21.) In order to detect if there is any active cancer in the glowing area she needs a biopsy. We'll do the biopsy in Houston next week after we bury her Grandfather who passed away yesterday. The biopsy can be done without having to cut her open again. It will be a CT guided biopsy so they can get a sample from the exact spot that glows. Going into the biopsy we now know there is a genuine possibility she's already in remission. If that's the case she'd just move straight into radiation therapy. However we also understand through our previous experience in this crazy journey that there is the possibility they will find some active cancer. That tumor is a very big and historically stubborn one. If that is the case, we'll move toward beginning aggressive treatment with Brentuximab (which attacks a specific CD30 molecule in the chromosomes if the Hodgkin's cancer cell) prior to an allogenic bone marrow transplant using donor marrow. Obviously our vote is for the biopsy to show thymic rebound only so she won't have to go through such difficult treatments. But if that's not the case she'll move forward and bless the new people who will cross her path with her message of hope. 

Just yesterday Lorelei seized the opportunity to share about her faith three times with healthcare professionals just. During her PET scan (waiting on the radioactive isotope to uptake) she was reading her Bible about the story from Daniel of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. God didn't spare these men from the fire. They still had to endure it. But He preserved them through it. That's how Lorelei feels. She's been in the fire but she knows the One who will deliver her. 

God has already begun to provide for the next trip to MD Anderson in Houston. The family decided to request donations to Lorelei's medical fund in lieu of sending flowers in Carl's honor. We know Papa would be pleased to be part of God's amazing provision for his precious granddaughter. Donations in Carl's honor can be made athttp://LoreleiDecker.com.

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